Beverley & the Clench Mountain Boys

Winds Of Change - Tracks
  1. Winds Of Change (Garry Trotman)
  2. Is The Blue Moon Still Shining? (Melissa Monroe)
  3. Pretty Polly (Trad)
  4. Clench Mountain Sidestep (Alan Young)
  5. I Am A Pilgrim (Trad)
  6. Are You Missing Me? (Charles & Ira Louvin)
  7. Crossing The Bridge (Bryan Christianson)
  8. Train 45 (Trad)
  9. Piney River Girl (Bill Staines)
  10. The Cuckoo (Trad)
  11. Farewell Blues
     (Elmer Schoebel/Paul Mares/Leon Roppolo)
  12. Red Light (Garry Trotman)

Beverley YoungAutoharp, Bodhran, Dulcimer, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Al YoungGuitar, Dobroª, Mandolin, Vocals
Bryan Christianson5 String Banjo, Double Bass, Vocals
Garry TrotmanDouble Bass, Frailing Banjo, Vocals

Recorded live atStudio 27a, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand - July 2010 to June 2011
EngineerMicheal Young (studio27a[at]
Edit and MixMicheal Young
MasteringMicheal Young and Bryan Christianson (bryan[at]
Cover PhotographyPeter Parnham (peter.parnham[at]
Graphic DesignDavid Robertson (dave[at], phreon creative communication
Rehearsal supervisionMottley
ProductionBeverley & the Clench Mountain Boys (
Thanks toMicheal for his patience and skill, Trude Mattingly for letting us turn her home into a recording studio, Alec Healy for the photo from The Rafters Folk Club, Pete for all the other photos and Dave for the sleeve design. Above all, to family and friends for their support and encouragement.